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U.S. Soccer announced new coaching initiatives that will result in significant changes to the youth soccer environment, and will have major implications for Iowa Soccer members with beginning of the Fall of 2016 (2016-17 season).
These new coaching initiatives can be split into two major categories, Birth Year Registration & Small-Sided Game Standards 


Birth Year Registration


Currently, the age group registration cut-off date has been August 1 through July 31. This was designed to form teams within the same academic grade.

Birth year registration is based on the year in which the seasonal year ends. 
For example, next seasonal year begins in the fall of 2016 and ends in the spring of 2017 (ex: 2016 - 17 seasonal year)
the players would be registered based on their age in the year 2017.

Small Sided Standards 

For small-sided play there will be a number of changes including playing numbers, roster sizes, field sizes, goal sizes, gamelengths and rules.
For example, the U10 age group will now include the offside(s) rule and a build-out line. A build-out line is used to encourage players to play the ball out of the back instead of the goalkeeper punting the ball.           
These new initiatives will create multiple implementation challenges for Iowa Soccer member clubs. Please read through the materials provided by U.S. Soccer (see below) to make sure you understand the new coaching initiatives, implications and timelines and utilize the Iowa Soccer FAQ’s to help with implementation.  You may also contact our staff at any time!

ISA Member Resources


 Iowa Soccer's position on "playing up."  

Click US Soccer's link to see detailed information concerning the US Soccer initiatives US Soccer Announcement.