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Johnston Soccer Club

Important Information for Coaches

On behalf of the Johnston Soccer Club, we sincerely appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and talent to be a coach, and we want to do all we can to make the experience a good one for you and your teams. Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the below information. It is extremely important that you read the field usage guidelines and re-scheduling procedures.

Field Closure Information
Field Usage Guidelines
Game Schedule
Player Cards
Player Progression
Reschedule A Game
Treat Tickets
US Youth Soccer Pocket Guide and Resources


Field Closure Information

If there is a question about whether the fields are open for games or practices, please check the JSC website as this is the primary way to communicate field issues. Every effort will be made to list the closures as early as possible. If possible, an email will be sent. With the club’s new website, we now have the ability to send text messages for field closures. It is encouraged that coaches and team parents sign up for this service as it is a quick way to notify everyone in the event our fields need to close. Sign up for these announcements can be made on the club’s website at the bottom of the home page.

Field Usage Guidelines

  • At no time are players to warm up in the goal mouths ANY field.
  • Please help the Club keep the fields in good shape by staying away from any areas that are showing

       signs of wear, are muddy, or have standing water.

  • If you notice any problems with the field conditions, goals, nets, or irrigation system, please report it to

       the Director of Fields:

  • Please check the JSC website for any weather related changes to the schedule.

Game Schedule

All U5-U8 Schedules are available online. Either print multiple copies or save as a PDF to distribute to parents.

  1. Go to the JSC website: Click on the Schedules button at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Choose your schedule: U5 Coed, U6 Coed, U7 Coed, U8 Coed or U7/U8 Girls.
  3. This will open all team schedules for the chosen age group. Finally, find your team code in the team box in the top center of the page (your team code is listed on the label on the coach packet or on the contact list email sent earlier).

You can now print the schedule using the printer icon in the top right portion of the page. Print to your printer or print to PDF to create an electronic copy for emailing.

If you reschedule a game, please contact The game will be changed online so
the schedule remains accurate.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the online schedule:

How do I know the age division?
  • U5 teams have a J5 code (ex: J5A, J5B, etc.)
  • U6 teams have a J6 code (ex: J6A, J6B, etc.)
  • U7 coed teams have a J7 code (A-P) (ex: J7A, J7B, etc.)
  • U7 girls teams have a J7 code (R-Z) (ex: J7R, J7S, etc.)
  • U8 coed teams have a J8 code (A-P) (ex: J8A, J8B, etc.)
  • U8 girls teams have a J8 code (R-Z) (ex: J8R, J8S, etc.)

How do I know my team code?
  • Check the label on your coach packet or roster. Team codes are listed on both of these items.

What if I don’t have PDF software to create an electronic copy?
  • That’s okay. Share the directions with parents on how to look at the schedule online. Or contact the Club for assistance.

Player Cards

New 2016: We have opted to NOT print player cards for U7/U8 teams this season. If the team is participating in a tournament, please contact the Club to print the team's player cards and the return them after the tournament. This will alleviate issues in the spring of tracking down player cards.

All players must have a valid player card with photo to play (U9-U19). Player cards are provided to each head coach for their team. Please obtain pictures for each child (if not printed on player card) and attach to their player card. Player cards are valid for one year. Spring players who have transferred teams from fall will need to collect his/her player card from the fall coach unless the player card is in the coach packet.

JSC referees are instructed to withhold any player from participating if they do not have a player card with photo attached, regardless of their age.

It is also a good idea, especially for U9-U19 teams, to have a team roster with you at games. Some referees like to see the roster as well as the player cards.

Player Progression

Download the JSC Player Progression Chart.


  • Teams are strongly encouraged to find an alternative practice site. City parks and schools cannot be reserved but there is usually plenty of space.
  • If you chose to practice at the JSC fields, all practices will need to be scheduled with
  • Each team will be allowed one practice per week at the JSC fields.
  • It is possible that we will not be able to meet every request for practice space based on the day of the week and time.
  • In order to reserve a field for practice, you must email (if you call the club phone, I will return your call and ask you to email your request to me) the Director of Fields at with the following information
o The day of the week you wish to practice
o The time you will start and end your practice
o The age division of the team
o The coach’s name, email, and phone number you can best be reached at.

These requests will be filled on a first come basis, and you will be notified of your assigned field and confirmation of your day and time for practice. Please keep in mind that scheduled and re-scheduled games will take priority, so you may be asked to move your practice to another section of the JSC fields. There may also be a time during the season that you will be asked to move your practice on a temporary or permanent basis due to field conditions.

Reschedule A Game

If you need to re-schedule a game, please follow the guidelines below.
  • The home team needs to contact the referee before the original game time to let them know of the cancellation.
  • Contact the opposing coach and find a first and second choice of dates and times for the make-up game.
  • Email the Scheduler at as well as the Director of Referees at and provide the following information
o Your team number
o The original date, time, and field number of the cancelled game
o The first and second choices of your new dates
  • You will be emailed back with a confirmation of your new field assignment

Please allow a minimum of 4 days from the time you notify the Director of Fields to the day you would like to re-schedule to. Every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice in dates.

If a minimum of four days (96 hours prior to game time) notice was not provided, the teams will be granted the request after agreeing to compensate the JSC for additional referee fees.

Yes, there will be situations when the four-day minimum cannot be met. These will be reviewed individually. The above policy is to discourage sudden game changes and to respect the time of our referees. JSC referees accept games in advance and adapt their schedules to fill these important positions for us.

The JSC provides a web service,, to assist you in contacting your assigned referees if a game is suddenly cancelled and re-scheduling has not been worked out. Please contact our Director of Referees with any questions that you may have regarding the use of this service.

Treat Tickets

Treat tickets will be available for coaches/teams to purchase. Each ticket will cost $1.00 each. Come to the concession stand and get as many as you need. Some teams decide to provide their own treats however; you are encouraged to use the concession stand as this helps the Club bring in revenue
that is put towards improving the soccer club as a whole.


As coaches, you are exempt from the volunteer requirement as are those who have paid the volunteer fee. All others on your team will be required to fill a 2 hour shift in the concession stand or helping with fields. The club schedules the volunteers on an individual basis. You will not be required to inform your team of their volunteer times. However, please let them know at your first practice that they will be notified of their assignment and will be expected to be there. If they (or a representative) do not show up at their assigned time, the family will be assessed a $30 fine. The season schedule will also be posted on the JSC website.

US Youth Soccer Pocket Guide and Resources

The US Youth Soccer (USYS) is dedicated to the development of youth soccer players at all levels of age and competition.  In addition, the organization is committed to assisting coaches with best practices and guidelines focused on fostering skill development, teamwork, and integrity of the game.  We recommend all coaches to review the below materials provided by USYS as these resources will serve as sound coaching guidelines to be used during the season.