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Q. Do you accept beginning soccer players at any age?
A. Absolutely!
Q. How old does my child need to be to play soccer?
A. Your child needs to be born on or before 12/31/2013 to be eligible for the 5U program. Age cut-offs are adjusted each summer for the next soccer year (Fall/Spring). Teams are formed based on birth year.
Q. How long is the season?
A. Fall season – generally from the last weekend in August through the last weekend of October
Spring season – generally from the first weekend in April through the first weekend in June

The season lasts for 7-8 weeks. There are no games on Labor Day Weekend, Easter Weekend or Memorial Day Weekend.
Q. How do I register my child for soccer with JSC?
A. Online registration is preferred. To register online click here. A printable scholarship registration form is also available. Scholarship players should register online and them mail the form and any payment to JSC, PO Box 118, Johnston, IA 50131.
Q. We are a new player and we only have a birth certificate the hospital gave us. Why is this not acceptable?
A. Iowa State Youth Soccer is our governing body and they require we have a government issued proof of age verified for every child who is a member of our club.
Q. I registered my child for the Fall - do I need to register for the Spring too?
A. Yes. Registration covers only the current season. Registration for the Spring Session commences in December. Registration for fall commences in May.
Q. Am I too late to sign up?
A. All Player Registration Forms postmarked after the registration deadline are considered LATE and subject to a Late Fee. Late registrations will be assigned to teams on a "first come, first served" basis as space becomes available. This may mean a player may be with students from another school.
Q. I just moved to the area and want to sign my child up for soccer - can I join mid-season?
A. JSC is an organization that depends on the help and contributions of many volunteers - we may not be able to put your child on a team mid-season due to the availability of teams or coaches or fields. We will make every possible effort to accommodate everyone, but be advised that you may have to wait until the beginning of the next season.
Q. I missed registration - can my child still play? Should I just show up with the uniform and be ready to play?
A. As indicated in the previous answer, we may not be able to handle registrations that occur after the registration period. Please do not show up at the field with your child dressed and ready to play if you have not received confirmation from a JSC official that your registration has been processed. JSC is subject to liability issues and we cannot allow a child who does not have a signed waiver form on file to play.
Q. How much does it cost to play soccer?
A. 5U/6U: $75 + online fees
7U/8U: $90 + online fees
9U/10U Rec Plus: $95 + online fees
9U/10U Academy: $238 ($105 deposit taken online + online fees) with remaining balance of $133 to be mailed by July 28, 2017.
11U-19U: $95 + online fees
Q. What does my registration fee cover?
A. Registration fees pay for JSC complex maintenance (fields, buildings, parking lots, etc.), field equipment, including goal nets, player insurance, referees, medical supplies, administration costs, and our registration fees to Iowa Soccer Association and Iowa Premier Soccer League. In addition to these base fees, the club must also pay a fee for every roster change, player card, etc. that occurs after a certain date.
Q. Is financial aid available?
A. JSC is committed to making the program available to all players and provide partial scholarships to eligible JSC players who cannot afford the registration. Payment plans may also be available. Additional volunteer hours will likely be required for scholarship players. Scholarship requests should be made at the time of registration. Scholarship Request Forms are available on our website or by calling 515-259-0014.
Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Refunds are not allowed unless you move outside of the Johnston or Urbandale School District. We will only accept written requests. Maximum refund of $50.
Q. Will I receive a refund for my recreational registration if my child is selected for JUSC's competitive program?
A. Yes. A refund will be mailed to you once JUSC notifies Johnston Soccer Club of your intent to participate in the competitive program.
Q. What team will my child be on?
A. When possible, team assignments within an age division are done by school. The pool of players will be organized by school, based on the date of registration, with preference going to the earliest registrations received.
Q. Why can’t I choose who I want to be on a team with?
A. Unfortunately, when players and/or parents start choosing teams, the teams can become unbalanced--which isn't much fun. Additionally, children may be in the same age bracket one year, but not the next year. Also, our governing bodies, Iowa Soccer Association, request that we randomly assign players so that there is more balance to all teams.
Q. But I have to be teamed up with my friend for car-pool reasons.
A. We attempt to form teams from the same school. You should be able to make car pool arrangements with teammates and their parents if you simply ask.
Q. My child would like to switch teams, what can I do?
A. Teams will be re-formed this fall with changes in the age groups from a grade to birth year format. JSC is not accepting special requests this fall.
Q. My child has never played soccer before - what does he/she need to get started?
A. - You must Register your child with the Club.
- The following equipment is required to play: JSC Uniform (JSC jersey, black shorts, black soccer socks), shin guards and soccer socks are required. The appropriate sized soccer ball is recommended.
Q. What type of shoes are required and what about soccer cleats?
A. While soccer cleats are recommended, players do not have to have cleats at all -- athletic shoes are fine, especially for younger players. If you buy cleats for your child, be sure to purchase soccer cleats. If you have sports shoes designed for another sport, the toe cleat may be cut off to permit the shoe's use on the soccer field for practice or games.
Q. What size ball is appropriate for my age?
A. 5U to 8U - Size 3
9U to 12U - Size 4
13U to 19U - Size 5
Q. Where do I buy my soccer equipment?
A. You may purchase shin guards and cleats at any sporting goods store.
Q. How do I obtain my JSC Uniform?
A. Uniforms may be ordered from through our link on Resources/Uniforms. New uniforms are coming Fall 2018! Try to find a used uniform before purchasing new.
Q.  What jersey does my child wear?
A.  Home team wears black and Away team wears gray.
Q. Where do the children play?
A. All 5U-8U all games are played at the Johnston Soccer Club Fields.
At 9U and above, typically half of the games will be played at other clubs in Central Iowa. The other half are played at the Johnston Soccer Club Fields.
Q. Where are the soccer fields located?
A. Johnston Soccer Club Fields
4301 NW 66th Ave.
Johnston, Iowa

Directions to JSC Fields
Q. When are the games held?
A. 5U & 6U – Saturday
7U & 8U – Saturday
9U & 10U – Saturday (All-Girls)/Sunday (Coed)
11U & 12U, 15U-19U – Sunday (games usually begin after 12:30 p.m.)
13U - 14U – Saturday

**There may be an occasion that it is necessary that a weekday game will be scheduled.
Q. How many games are played in a season?
A. There are eight games played in both the fall and spring seasons for the 5U-8U teams. 9U-19U teams play 7 games per season.
Q. How long are the games?
A. Games for the younger teams usually have 4 quarters, varying from 8 to 12 minutes each with 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes at the halftime. Older team playing times can be calculated by taking the team division x 2.5 to determine the time of each half (ex: U12 teams would play 12 x 2.5 or two 30-minute halves with a five minute halftime)
Q. How many players are on the field?
A. 5U &6U – 4 players
7U & 8U – 4 players
9U & 10U – 7 players
11U & 12U – 9 players
13U and above – 11 players
Q. Do we practice and play games in rain or bad weather?
A. Games are usually played unless the field is in unplayable condition. You should show up for games and practices unless otherwise informed by your coach. Once games are underway, the referee is responsible for stopping or canceling games. Safety for the players is our main concern. If the field is too wet or slippery, the practice or game may be canceled. Check our website for game day status.
Q. Where do the coaches come from?
A. In recreational soccer, each team is assigned a parent coach and the coach is responsible for coaching and team management.
Q. I have never played soccer but my child is playing - do I need experience to coach?
A. No! - it doesn't hurt but, you need not have played soccer to coach - the only requirement is patience and a willingness to have fun. JSC welcomes any willing parent to volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, or any other position within the organization. Please contact us if you are ready to help! The club will provide you with the resources to help you feel comfortable coaching your team.
Q. How do coaches receive team information?
A. Coaches can expect to receive the bulk of their information at preseason meetings. As always, things will come up during the season for coaches to know. E-mail is the best way for the club to get this info out quickly and effectively. Please be sure to provide the Club Administrator with your e-mail address if you have one. If time allows, mailings will be sent out to you but typically phone calls will be made.
Q. I am a coach, how do I reschedule a game?
A. Please contact our Director of Operations and Director of Referees for field availability.
Q. What kind of parent involvement is required & what can I do to help?
A. The Johnston Soccer Club is a volunteer organization. Each family will be required to perform two (2) hours of volunteer time per player to support their team and the club itself unless they have paid the volunteer fee. There are many opportunities to meet this requirement. At the team level, there is coaching. There are also many things to do at the club level. Helping out with concessions, field marshalling, and board membership are just some of the ways your help is appreciated.
Q. How are volunteers assigned?
A. All volunteer positions, except Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Board of Directors, will be assigned on an individual basis through the Director of Volunteers. All volunteers will be assigned a task (such as field marshall, concessions, etc) and will be sent the day/shift/duty that they have been assigned. Volunteers are expected to perform two (2) hours of volunteer service per player. If you don’t want to be assigned a volunteer duty, please add $20 to the registration fee per player. There will be a $30 penalty for not showing up to your scheduled duty. This leaves the club short of help and puts added pressure on the volunteers who do show up.

The success of our program depends entirely upon the willingness of parents to step up and assist!

The club has over 1,000 children registering for our recreation program alone, each season, please be understanding and patient. We accept children from all towns, there is no residency requirement. If you have any further questions please email
Q. When will I hear about my child's team?
A. You will typically hear from your coach one to two weeks prior to the first game of the season. It is the responsibility of each team to supply a coach. In the event no one volunteers, there may not be a spot for your child to play. If your child has been assigned to a team, the Coach or Team Manager will contact you.
Q. What are the times and dates of practices?
A. Sorry, we don't know the answer to that one, but your coach will. There are no league requirements about times, dates or locations for practices. Depending on their work or personal schedules, they usually pick the best days that they can be there.
Q. How frequently do teams practice?
A. Teams generally practice one or two times per week. Your child’s coach will determine when and where you will practice.
Q. Can you wear earrings/jewelry during games?
A. No! Earrings can be dangerous to the player wearing them. You will see Professional soccer players wearing earrings and other jewelry. It is not allowed for any reason in youth soccer. Most referees will not allow any type of jewelry to be worn. If the earrings are unable to be removed, the referee may not allow the player to play during the game. The referee is responsible for the safety of all the players. Plan on piercing ears after soccer season is over.
Q. What sort of hair clip can my child wear?
A. Players may wear soft hair ties. Scrunchies are OK. The referee shall decide if an article of clothing is unsafe.
Q. What should I do if I'm having problems with the coach?
A. If a serious problem should arise concerning the coach, the parents should:
• Talk with the coach in a calm manner and try to work out the problems like adults, away from the players (preferably this meeting will be done outside of practice or games)
• If no solution can be reached at this meeting, the parents should contact the Recreation Program Director.
Problems can usually be solved through communication.
Q. How can I register a complaint?
A. We encourage you to talk to your coach first. Communication is very important! The coach can resolve it or pass it along to the Recreation Program Director, who will communicate with the BOD if necessary. If you feel you cannot talk to the coach, or if you do not achieve satisfaction by that route, feel free to contact the Recreation Program Director.
Q. I have some comments about the refereeing of my child's game.
A. Please remember that the referees have dedicated a large amount of time and energy in training and refereeing every week. Your child's game may be the referee's third or fourth game of the day. Some of the referees are young and are learning. Talk to your child's coach and they can direct your comments to Director of Referees, if they deem it necessary.
Q. What should I do if a referee makes a terrible call?
A. As upsetting as it may be, the best course is to try to forget about the mistake and get back into the game. The referees are human, so they will make mistakes just like everyone else. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you would like people to respond if you made a mistake. Also, please keep in mind that the referee is on the field and is seeing the game from a completely different location than you, and that his interpretation and application of the laws may differ from yours.
Q. I want to be a referee and make money.
A. JSC offers referee clinics in both the fall and spring prior to each season. The clinics are open to most applicants age of 12 and older. Beginning referees typically earn a minimum of $10.00 per game in Johnston. As referees gain experience they can earn up to $35.00 per game. There are clinics going on all year round in the metro area to accommodate anyone's busy schedule. Referee clinics usually take one Friday evening session and all day Saturday with an exam following the clinic. Referees may also work additional games by working at local tournaments. Contact our Director of Referees for more information.
Q. What is the best way to communicate with the club?
A. By clicking on the contact us button on this Website
By sending us an e-mail to
By sending a letter to us at Johnston Soccer Club, PO Box 118, Johnston, IA 50131
Q. We have a dog who just loves people. Can we bring her to the soccer games?
A. Who doesn't love dogs? To keep your pet safe, keep them home during soccer games. There is too much going on and animals can be unpredictable. Dogs are not allowed at the fields at any time. We also spend a great deal of time keeping the fields maintained and we are sure you can appreciate that players and families do not want to deal with animal waste when they are at the fields.
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